New Purging Compound Designed to Purge Stack Molds

New Purging Compound Designed to Purge Stack Molds

Color changes on thin wall container stack molds just became easier with the introduction of the Ultra Purge BP grade.  Moulds Plus International in cooperation with leading thin wall container manufacturers, developed the Ultra Purge BP grade specifically for color changes on thin wall container stack mold applications.  The Ultra Purge BP is a concentrated chemical purging compound that is 100% moldable, which results in fast and easy color changes.  Along with performing color changes, the BP grade is also effective at removing black specks from the screw and barrel. 

Purging stack molds is a challenge because there are two (or more) faces; therefore, to clean out the hot runner system the mold must be closed.  That means the purging compound must be 100% moldable.  The Ultra Purge BP is a concentrated grade that is mixed with the in-house production resin of the molder.  The melt index is not altered because the Ultra Purge BP formulation has the same melt temperature as the material being run.  This is important because these molds are so well-designed and technical, that you have to use materials of specific properties for which the mold was made.

Along with fast color changes on stack molds, the BP grade also offers other benefits to molders.  For example, the scrapped BP can be added to the regrind and used to make parts.  Also, the shipping costs will be substantially reduced because only 5% of the mass weight is being shipped to the customer, which is the active part.  The other 95% of the weight is being introduced at the manufacturer’s factory.

Along with the Ultra Purge product line, Moulds Plus offers a free training session to all customers.  The training consists of a short class room session followed by a demonstration on an injection molding machine.  Training customers is important because it shows them the proper procedures and the correct amount of Ultra Purge to use for each purge.

Please contact us for a free sample of the Ultra Purge BP.