Ultra Purge Releases New Ultra-X Technology

Moulds Plus International, the manufacturer of Ultra Purge, is proud to announce the release of a new and improved Ultra Purge grade called 5150. The Ultra Purge 5150 is a HDPE based hybrid purging compound that does not contain any glass fibers. The 5150 uses Ultra-X, a new proprietary technology specifically developed by Moulds Plus International. This new technology, when combined with the Ultra Purge active ingredients, creates a very efficient purging power capable of deeply dissolving colors as well as carbon deposits. The Ultra Purge 5150 is formulated as a new evolution of the existing Ultra Purge 5050 and it shows an increase in performance while making the purging process faster and more user friendly. The 5150 is also hot runner safe, moldable, food contact certified and can be used on all thermoplastic processing machines.

Ultra-X has the property of fluidizing the polymer, thus, allowing the Ultra Purge grades to flow through very small gates (as small as 0.2 mm) and at the same time it adds scrubbing power without harming the screw, barrel and hot runners. Ultra-X increases the cleaning efficiency of the Ultra Purge by up to 30% because it helps the carriers of the Ultra Purge to keep its "hardness/consistency" while allowing the active ingredients to expand and reach the dead spots of the machine where color and carbon contamination normally hide.

Learn more about Ultra X with this presentation