Ultra Purge Reduces Downtime and Scrap in Packaging Industry

Recorded Wednesday, June 8 at 11AM EDT – Presented by Moulds Plus International

Reducing downtime and scrap for plastic processors in the packaging industry is a key component in order to stay competitive. Ultra Purge has specifically designed grades for dark to light color changes, carbon removal and material changes in the packaging industry. The Ultra Purge is 100% moldable and can be used to purge high cavitation molds. Accumulators and heads of blow molding machines may be purged with Ultra Purge grades in order to speed up the purging process. This webinar will discuss how Ultra Purge can assist companies in the packaging industry with their purging issues and go over how to conduct a proper cost analysis. 

Link for the webinar will be provided here: http://knowledge.ulprospector.com/4480/pe-ultra-purge-reduced-downtime-s...