New purging compound with food contact certificate specifically designed to clean PET

Published July 18, 2003

Ultra Purge the Italian leader Purging Compound manufactured from Commerciale Ultra in Italy and Moulds Plus International in US and Europe is now introducing the new grade specifically designed to clean PET with food contact certificate.

Commerciale Ultra developed their first grade of purging compound five years ago. Their Research and Development department constantly try to develop always new grades for all thermoplastics resin and for all kind of machines. They concentrated they efforts in developing grades where other Purging Compound are not so effective. After the introduction of Ultra Purge CE-E last year (intended for Blow Molding Machines with accumulator), they launched the new Ultra Purge PET-E. This new grade is only designed for PET when changing color and removing black specks from Extruders and Injection Molding Machines for preform production.

The main difficulties for preform molders, when they have to change color or to eliminate black specks, was finding a purging compound able to be cost-effective, efficient, easy to remove from the machine and safe with food production. Right now all these needs are available with new Ultra Purge PET-E.

The Ultra Purge R&D department developed the PET-E grade with the needs of preform producers in mind. Their chemists along with independent engineers tested the product with the world's best-known Injection Molding Machines producers and the largest Italian perform producers.

The results were significant. Ultra Purge changed color in less than 15 minutes and the production was underway only after the third molded preforms cycle. The Purging Compound was also efficient in removing black specks when running clear PET. But the most important thing was that the newly developed grade had also the food contact certificate according with European food and drug laws (EU requirements are stricter than the FDA's). Ultra Purge obtained two food contact certificates: one analysing the molded Ultra Purge PET-E and the other one analysing the molded preforms after the third molding cycle which means that Ultra Purge does not react with the PET during the cleaning process.

Mr. Pestarino the Vice President of Moulds Plus International will be managing the US headquarters office in California: "I truly believe that Ultra Purge is a great benefit to any plastic molding company and with our wide product line we perfectly fit into the US market." Mr. Pestarino adds: " Our power is in support our customers by helping them find resolution to their problems. We wholeheartedly believe in customer care and assistance to better improve our products and business relationship."