Cost Benefit Analysis

Use this Cost Calculation Tool to find out how much money and time you could save by using Ultra Purge™!

After you have received a quotation for the right Ultra Purge™ grade that you successfully tested for your application, fill out the following template with the actual data that was collected using your current purging solution and the data from your trial with Ultra Purge™.

The template below assumes that the monetary values are in USD ($), the weights are in pounds (lbs.) and time is in minutes. However, you can utilize any currency and any weight measurements that you wish, just ignore the ($) and (lbs.) symbols in the results and view the result as relating to your currency and weight standard inputs. The results of the savings calculation will show both in absolute values as well as in percentages.

When evaluating the savings, it is important to remember to factor in the cost of machine and personnel downtime as both have a cost. One savings factor that is not included into the calculation model below is the cost of scrap and/or rejected parts. These are also important considerations.

Other Purging Solution
Ultra Purge™
Total quantity of resin used:
Cost of resin per unit used:
Quantity of purging compound used:
Cost of purging compound per unit used:
Time required for purging:
Down-Time/Lost Production Cost: