Ultra Purge’s “Purge on the Fly” Technology Assists Molder with Color Change

A large injection molding company recently approached Moulds Plus International with issues going from red to white in a PP. The company had been using resin to purge the machine which had been resulting in excessive downtime and scrap. It would typically take the molder three hours to perform a color change with their current method of purging. An Ultra Purge Rep visited the company to assist with a test using the Ultra Purge P-O grade. One feature of the Ultra Purge that grabbed the attention of the molder was the fact that the Ultra Purge can be molded into parts. Below you will see molded Ultra Purge parts from the test (2 parts in middle).

The Ultra Purge Rep recommended purging the machine “on the fly” in order to speed up the color change time. The molder had never seen a purge compound that was designed to purge the screw/barrel and hot runners at the same time. The amount of Ultra Purge used was roughly one press barrel capacity. One reason this molder had been using resin to clean their machines was because he found too much mechanical commercial purge compound was needed to clean the machines, up to 3 barrel capacities. The test resulted in reducing the downtime from 3 hours to 1.5 hours. One week after the trial Moulds Plus International provided free training to the company in order to have all the process technicians use proper procedures and quantities.