Ultra Purge Speeds Up Color Changes and Removes Carbon

Color changes and carbon contamination result in excessive scrap and downtime for many companies producing industrial packaging. A large injection molder producing buckets recently approached Moulds Plus International for assistance with their purging issues. The molder was having issues with carbon and dark color hang ups in their hot runner systems. The manufacturer of their hot runner systems recommended the Ultra Purge to the molder to assist them with the issues they were experiencing. Moulds Plus International has done extensive R & D on developing grades of Ultra Purge that excel at cleaning hot runner systems and work with many of the largest manufacturers of hot runner systems in world.

The Ultra Purge P-O grade was recommended to the molder after a consultation with an Ultra Purge technical sales representative. The sales representative attended the Ultra Purge trial with the company in order to provide the best possible customer service. The injection molder was using a commercial purge compound that was effective at cleaning the screw/barrel; however, it was failing at purging the hot runner systems. The lingering contamination in the hot runners was causing an excessive amount of downtime and scrap for the injection molder. The trials with the Ultra Purge P-O demonstrated a 50% reduction in downtime and scrap compared the companies previous purge compound. Another benefit of the Ultra Purge compared to the other commercial purge compound was that 50% less Ultra Purge was required. The injection molder appreciated this benefit because the reduction of the amount commercial purge compound required will further reduce the cost for purging.

Below is a picture of parts (molded Ultra Purge parts) collected at the trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Ultra Purge. The part on the left shows chunks of carbon being pulled from the hot runners. The part on the right was taken during a color change. Not only was the Ultra Purge pulling out the red color from the previous production run but also it was removing an old color that was used two weeks prior.