Ultra Purge Solves Polycarbonate Issues For Molder

Processing Polycarbonate (PC) many times can be a difficult task for plastic processors. PC has a tendency to degrade and result in black specks (carbon) contaminating parts. Recently a company in the Northeast contacted Moulds Plus International for assistance with a clear PC part for the medical industry. The molder had been having issues scraping clear PC parts due to black specks contaminating the parts (see picture of contamination below). The molder would pull the screw and clean the hot runner system and only a few days after this the carbon would show up again in the parts. Once the black specks would start showing up they would battle getting rid of the contamination and eventually have to manually clean the equipment again.

Moulds Plus International sent the local Ultra Purge Account manager to access the situation. Due to the fact that the black specks were appearing so soon after a manual cleaning the account manager recommended using the Ultra Purge PC grade in a preventative maintenance fashion. The Ultra Purge PC is specifically designed to purge Polycarbonate jobs. The Ultra Purge PC is a low residue purging compound, thus, there is no need to "purge out the purging compound" of white residue. A low residue purge compound is especially important when molding clear parts that need to be 100% contamination free. The Ultra Purge PC grade is also safe and effective at purge hot runners.

The injection molder is now performing the recommended preventative maintenance with the Ultra Purge PC and has eliminated their black speck issue. The elimination of this issue has resulted in the company boosting profits by increasing the machine productivity, reducing amount of labor for sorting parts and reducing the amount of Polycarbonate scrap.

If your company is experiencing carbon contamination please contact Moulds Plus International for a free consultation on how using the Ultra Purge for preventative maintenance may assist you.