Ultra Purge Solves Color Compounder’s Issues

Color compounders producing masterbatch in many different colors are starting to discover that Ultra Purge can be a great asset to their production.  A color compounder approached Moulds Plus International in June seeking assistance with their dark to light color changes.  The company had been using scrap in order to purge their machine.  Business had been picking up for the compounder and they were seeking to increase production capacity through the use of Ultra Purge.  An Ultra Purge representative determined the Ultra Purge 5050 grade would be the best for the color compounder’s needs.

The color compound ran multiple tests with the Ultra Purge 5050 and found it to reduce the downtime and scrap by 70% compared to their old method of purging.  After proving the Ultra Purge was the right fit, the company had all of the process technicians trained by the Ultra Purge Technical Sales Rep.  Now the company uses the Ultra Purge for all dark to light color changes and accomplished their goal of increasing productivity.

Fixing Color Compounder Purging Issues