Ultra Purge Removes Old Colors

Ultra Purge is specifically designed to purge color from hard to clean hot runner systems.  In a recent trial a high cavitation mold was purged with the Ultra Purge P-O grade.  The scheduled color change was to go from black to white color.  The machine was purged with the Ultra Purge and pulled out a gold color (see picture below) from the hot runner system.  The molding technicians that were present for the trial were very surprised to see gold being removed from the hot runners since they had not run that color through the tool in over three months.  The company had been using a mechanical purge compound for the last few years however it was not cleaning the hot runners properly.

Ultra Purge performs such a deep cleaning on hot runner systems that it is very common for the Ultra Purge to remove different layers of color from the manifold.  Over time the Ultra Purge will strip these layers of color away and create faster/easier color changes.