Ultra Purge Quickly Removes Fluorescent Color From Hot Runners and Screw

Purging fluorescent colors can be a time consuming task for many plastic processors.  Fluorescent colors tend to hang up in hot runners and on the screw and can result in extended downtime and scrap when trying to be removed.  Ultra Purge has been proven to speed up the purging process when attempting to remove fluorescent colors.

An injection molder approached Moulds Plus International for assistance with removing a fluorescent pink PP color from the screw/barrel and hot runners (see pictures below).  The injection molder’s current method for purging the machine was using virgin PP.  When using PP to purge the machine it would typically take four hours before the fluorescent specks were completely removed from the system.  The injection molder tested a sample of the Ultra Purge 5150 for this application and reduced the downtime to one hour.  The company was able to save $270 for this color change by reducing the downtime by 75% and the material cost by 38%.  Below is the cost analysis from the trial.

Color change & Material Change: Units HDPE Ultra Purge 5150
Total Purging Material Cost usd 120.60 75.15
Time required for purging min 240 60
Down-Time/Lost,Production Hourly Cost usd/hr 75 75
Total Down-Time Cost usd 300.00 75
Total Cost per Purging usd 420.60 150.15
Total amount in USD saved per color change using Ultra Purge usd 270.45
Reduction Purging Material - 38%
Reduction in Down Time - 75%