Ultra Purge Prevents 10 Hour Manual Screw Pull On Blown Film Machine

Contamination issues for companies processing film (blown film) can be very common. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that commercial purge compounds can benefit manufacturers of blown film. Moulds Plus International was recently approached by a large film manufacturer that was experiencing issues on an EVA adhesive layer. Every couple months the company has to remove the 4.5 inch screw and clean it by hand due to the degraded material that builds up on the screw. Pulling the screw and manually cleaning it can take sometimes up to 10 hours.

An Ultra Purge Represented traveled to the company and determined due to the excessive carbon build up the Ultra Purge 5050 grade was the best option. A trial was run and the Ultra Purge 5050 was able to remove all the degraded material that was on the screw, thus, keeping them from having to pull the screw. The company is now using the Ultra Purge in a preventative maintenance fashion to keep the carbon from building up.