Ultra Purge’s Moldable Grade Helps Molder

Moulds Plus International recently worked on project with a medical injection molder in California. The molder had been experiencing issues with carbon in the hot runners. Internal safety regulations did not allow for the hot runners to be purged with the mold open. Thus, parts had to be molded out of the purge compound in order to clean the hot runners. The molder had previously tested other commercial purge compounds but found that molding parts out of these purge compounds was very difficult. Moulds Plus international was approached by the company to assist with their dilemma. The Ultra Purge P-O, one of many moldable grades, was offered to the company and trials were performed on the molds they were experiencing carbon on. The molder was amazed at how much carbon was removed and at how easy the Ultra Purge was molded (below on right is picture of molded Ultra Purge part). Since the company has started using the Ultra Purge P-O on the hot runners they have seen the scrap rate reduced by 50%.