Ultra Purge: Color Change on The Fly - Specific Grades for Packaging

Color changes can be a very challenging task for many thermo-plastic processors in the packaging industry as all plastic companies are looking to reduce the downtime and scrap that is associated with performing color changes. Thus, using Ultra purge will increase productivity and profits by substantially reducing the downtime and scrap for all dark to light color changes.

Ultra Purge, produced by Moulds Plus International, is a non-abrasive chemical purging compound that comes in a ready to use pellet form. The Ultra Purge will chemically break the bonds of the polymers and pigments which will allow for the contamination to be easily removed from the machine. In addition, expanding agents present in the Ultra Purge allow it to clean the hard to reach dead spots located in the machine. Ultra Purge is effective at cleaning the screw, barrel and hot runners not only for color changes, but also for removal of carbon (black specks).

Moulds Plus has developed specific grades of Ultra Purge for the packaging industry. The Ultra Purge PET-E grade was specifically designed for PET preform production. Ultra Purge worked with the leading manufacturer of hot runners and injection molding machines in the PET industry, Husky Injection Moldings Systems, to develop this grade. The PET-E grade is effective at removing color and carbon. Color changes can be performed in as little as fifteen minutes using the PET-E grade. It is also possible to mold parts out of the Ultra Purge allowing companies to “purge on the fly.”

Along with the PET grade Moulds Plus also developed the Ultra Purge P-O grade that is specifically formulated to clean polyolefin resins. The P-O grade is 100%moldable and can even be used to purge stack tools. Major cap and closure manufacturers around the world are molding parts out of the P-O grade to clean their high cavitation molds. The P-O grade is the #1 selling Ultra Purge grade.