Ultra Purge Benefits Automotive Molders

Color changes and black speck issues can be a major cause of downtime and scrap for automotive molders. Every minute a company has of downtime is a minute they are not making money. The automotive industry is by far the most demanding industry in regards to color changes. Just in time production can drain the company’s profits if not properly managed with the right purging solution. Also, it can be very costly purging carbon deposits from machines producing PC and PMMA (Acrylic) headlights and tail lights. Transitioning between PC and PMMA can also be troublesome for many companies.

Ultra Purge’s newest cleaning technology is the perfect solution to solve you color change and carbon problems, putting you back on the right track to maximizing your production by controlling scarp and downtime. Ultra Purge can reduce downtime and scrap 70-80% in comparison to using resin to purge. And companies typically use 2-3 times less Ultra Purge compared to other purge compounds on the market today. Ultra Purge scrap can also be mixed with the regrind and put back into production or it can be sold to your scrap dealer.

Moulds Plus International has designed specific grades of Ultra Purge for PP, Nylon, ABS and PC/ABS color changes for the automotive industry. All these grades of Ultra Purge may be used to purge the screw/barrel and hot runners all at the same time. Ultra Purge is effective at cleaning hot tip and valve gated hot runner systems.

Specific grades of Ultra Purge have also been designed to purge clear PC and PMMA applications. Molding clear and translucent automotive lenses is a particular difficult application because the slightest imperfection shows up on these types of parts. Thus, Moulds Plus International has designed a grades specific for PMMA and PC. The Ultra Purge PMMA (designed for Acrylic) and the Ultra Purge HT+ (designed for PC) are low residue grades that are effective for color changes, carbon removal and material changes. One of the biggest problems with using many commercial purge compounds is residue from the purge contaminating parts. It is not uncommon for it to take dozens of shots before certain purge compounds are removed from the machine. The benefit of Ultra Purge is that typically all contamination is eliminated within 4 shots after using the Ultra Purge grades designed for clear PC and Acrylic applications.

An automotive injection molder in Tennessee recently completed a side by side comparison of Ultra Purge and a commercial mechanical purging compound. The test was commissioned in order to find the most cost effective way to perform a color change.

The cost analysis was performed on a 3,000 ton press going from a Black PP to an Ivory PP. Data was collected for all attributes which account for the cost of a color change (total scrap resin produced, quantity of purging compound, time required for purging).

The final results revealed that 30% less purging material (resin, purging compound) was required when using Ultra Purge. Also, the downtime associated with the Ultra Purge was 33% less than the mechanical purge agent. The combination of these two factors resulted in the Ultra Purge saving the customer $75.46/color change. Below is a chart showing the savings.

Automotive Purging Compounds Comparison