Ultra Purge Assists PET Bottle Manufacturer

Moulds Plus International was recently approached by one of the largest PET and HDPE bottle manufactures in North America in order to assist them with issues they were having on their PET machines. The problem was taking place in a single stage Nissei Stretch Blow Molding machine. The company had been experiencing a blockage of 2 gates and had been unsuccessful with solving the issue. They did not know if the blockage was from degraded material or a foreign contamination that may have entered the machine with the PET resin, for example, metal. The Ultra Purge Rep explained that if the blockage was due degraded material it could solve the problem.

An Ultra Purge representative attended a trial with the company and diagnosed the best Ultra Purge grade to be the PET-E. The design of the machine did not allow for the tool to be purged with the mold open. Therefore, in order to purge the machine the company molded parts out of the Ultra Purge in order to clean the hot runners. The first full shot of Ultra purge that came through the hot runners pulled out a substantial amount of degraded material as show below in the picture. After the Ultra Purge passed through the machine the production PET was loaded. Immediately all gates were free of blockage and the company was back to maximum productivity. The company is now in the process of instituting a preventative maintenance program for all PET processing machinery in order to keep the contamination from building up. The molder will also be evaluating the Ultra Purge for their HDPE blow molding applications. They plan on using the Ultra Purge for dark to light color changes and carbon removal.

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