Thin Wall Packaging Color Change

Recently one of the largest thin wall packaging injection molders in the world approached Moulds Plus International looking for assistance with their dark to light color changes on their high cavitation stack tools. Moulds Plus International sent a technical sales representative to the molders plant and conducted Ultra Purge trials with the company in person. The Ultra Purge representative was able to reduce the downtime and scrap 65% by purging the hot runners with the Ultra Purge BP grade.

Moulds Plus International had designed a grade that may be molded in high cavitation stack tools that are producing thin wall parts. A moldable purge compound is a great advantage for injection molders that perform dark to light color changes. The Ultra Purge BP was designed specifically for color changes on the fly in order to allow companies to change colors with ease. The picture below shows the molded Ultra Purge parts (the two middle parts). Typically molders see between a 50-75% reduction in down time and scrap by using the Ultra Purge BP.

Purging plastic lids