Reduce Fumes When Purging High Temperature Resins

A good work environment is very important in order to have productive and happy employees.  In addition to assisting companies with reducing downtime and scrap when purging, Moulds Plus International also assists plastic processors in developing proper protocols to make for a better work environment.   One issue that many plastic processors face are the fumes omitted from hot purge piles when purging high temperature resins.  The fumes are not hazardous; however, the presence of lingering smoke after making a purge pile can be an annoyance to employees working on the plant floor.  One step Moulds Plus International has found to be helpful in drastically reducing the fumes is immediately putting the purge pile in a vat of water.  This process helps cool the purge pile immediately, resulting in less smoke generated by the purge pile.  Recently an Ultra Purge customer took the advice of their account manager and created a purging station that they used when purging high temperature resins.  The purging station contained a vat of water that the purge pile was immediately put into and it was also rigged on wheels in order to easily move from machine to machine (see picture below).  As a result of our suggestion, the customer is very happy with the results and will continue to use the Ultra Purge and purging station for high temperature purges.