New Ultra-X Technology Helps Molder With Color Change

An injection molder in the Midwest recently approached Moulds Plus International for assistance with their black to natural PE color changes. The molder was having issues cleaning the black out the hot runner system. The current method for purging the machine was to clean the barrel with a mechanical purge compound and then clean the hot runners by making parts out of the virgin PE. Using this method the molder would experience black streaking for an extended period of time.

The recommended Ultra Purge grade for this company was the Ultra Purge 5150. The 5150 is a new grade of Ultra Purge that utilizes the Ultra-X technology. The injection molder works with a variety of resin, thus, the 5150 grade was chosen because it is a versatile grade that can purge many different types of resins. The biggest advantage of the 5150 grade is that it is safe and effective at purging hot runners and parts can be molded out of the 5150. The design of the tool did not allow for the hot runners to be purged with the mold open so the only option to clean the hot runners was to mold parts out of the purge compound. The mechanical purge compound the molder was using was not moldable, thus, they were unable to purge the hot runners with it.

By using the Ultra Purge the injection molder was able to reduce the downtime and scrap by 40% compared to the mechanical purge compound. Below is a sequence of parts for the black to natural color change. The middle 4 parts are molded out of the 5150.