New Ultra Purge Grade Designed to Purge Clear PC and Acrylic Applications

Article from Canadian Plastics

Moulds Plus International launched a new chemical purging compound, the Ultra Purge 5060, in 2011 specifically designed to purge clear Polycarbonate and Acrylic applications. The Ultra Purge 5060 is effective at color changes, material changes, carbon removal and machine shut-downs/start-ups. A key feature that separates the Ultra Purge 5060 from other purging compounds is that it is 100% residue free. As a result, companies will have less downtime and scrap because of fewer contaminated parts. Additionally, the 5060 contains an antioxidant and a proprietary material that will prevent carbon from forming on the screw during a shut-down. The Ultra Purge 5060 also will remove carbon that forms on the barrel during production.

Along with being efficient at purging clear parts the Ultra Purge 5060 is very effective for ABS (PC/ABS) color changes. The Ultra Purge 5060 is safe and effective at purging hot runners; therefore, companies may purge the screw, barrel and hot runners all at the same time. Moulds Plus International offers free samples of the Ultra Purge 5060 to companies for evaluation and will provide free in house training for all customers.