Multi-Layer PET Preform Production

One common issue with multi-layer PET preform manufacturers is carbon hanging up at the tip of the hot runner system. The carbon typically forms in the barrier layer which is normally composed of Nylon or other proprietary barrier materials. The carbon is located at the tip of the hot runner and does not allow the Nylon to properly flow throughout the body of the preform which creates an interruption in the barrier layer harming the barrier properties of the preform.

Moulds Plus International has worked in cooperation with Husky Injection Molding and various PET preform manufacturers in order develop a grade and certain set of procedures to solve this specific carbon build up. Using the Ultra Purge PET-E grade in a preventative maintenance fashion has been found to be a fast and effective method at removing the carbon deposits in the hot runners. Contact Moulds Plus international to speak with an Ultra Purge technical supervisor in order to find out the specific procedures for purging this type of application.