Hidden Colors in Hot Runners Removed by Ultra Purge

Injection molders many times do not realize how much color contamination is built up in the hot runner system. Companies that do not use Ultra Purge will often find that the when purging the hot runners they do not remove all of the previous color. The next color will basically gloss over the previous color which allows the molder to start making good parts; however, the previous color will remain in the machine resulting in issues down the road.

An Ultra Purge Sales Representative attended a trial at a large cap and closure molder recently. The injection molder wanted to check on the mold-ability of the Ultra Purge so they picked a random machine that was making silver caps. No problems were taking place with the machine and the company was making good parts to be sold to their customer. The molder assumed the hot runner system was clean since the parts were good. The Ultra Purge P-O grade was recommended to the customer for mold-ability purposes. The trial progressed and as soon as the Ultra Purge started to be seen in the parts a brownish/black color started to appear. The customer was very surprised to see such heavy contamination being removed from a machine that he thought was cleaned. Below you will find pictures of the silver cap they were molding (left) and the molded Ultra Purge part with the dark contamination (right). After witnessing the trial the customer decided to start using the Ultra Purge for all dark to light color changes and they have found that no more hidden colors are remaining in the hot runners.