Fast Color Change with Ultra Purge PET-E

Purging a single stage injection blow PET machine can be tricky because molding parts out of the purge is required. The Ultra Purge PET-E when mixed with wet PET is the perfect solution for molding parts in this type of application. Recently a company manufacturing vitamin jars on a single stage Aoki PET machine approached Moulds Plus International for assistance with their color changes. Dark to clear color changes can take the molder up to two hours before parts are free of contamination.

The Ultra Purge PET-E was mixed in a 35% Ultra Purge to 65% wet PET mixture in order to ensure the moldability of the Ultra Purge. The color change with the Ultra Purge took place on the fly resulting in a total downtime of 30 minutes. Using the Ultra Purge accounted for a 75% reduction in downtime and scrap. Along with pulling out the dark color the Ultra Purge also removed degraded material that had built up in the manifold. The molder is now using the Ultra Purge for all dark to light color changes and expects to see a significant reduction in production costs.

Fast Color Change for PET-E