Blow Molder Reduce Downtime and Scrap with the Ultra Purge 5150

Purging blow molding machines can be a very time consuming and expensive process for many processors. Due to the design of blow molding machines, in particular the head or accumulator, it can be difficult to remove a dark color from the machine when transitioning into a lighter color.

Recently a blow molding company manufacturing bottles reached out to Moulds Plus International for assistance with there dark to light color change. The molder consistently has an issue with removing the dark color when transitioning to a light color or natural. The dark color will streak down the side of the bottle for up to 4 hours. The blow molder had tested mechanical purge compounds in the past but was unable to find a product that was cost effective. Thus, their current method for purging the machine was to run virgin HDPE after the dark color.

The Ultra Purge account manager recommended the Ultra Purge 5150 to the blow molder. The Ultra Purge 5150 utilizes the Ultra-X technology which enables it to clean the screw and head/accumulators more effectively than conventional purge compounds. The Ultra-X technology is a propriety mineral filled HDPE that allows the Ultra Purge to expand and also adds a mechanical action to clean the machine. Through studies Moulds Plus International has found the Ultra-X is a much superior alternative to glass filled HDPE as a carrier.

A trial was conducted utilizing the Ultra Purge 5150 with the Ultra Purge account manager present at the plant. Using the 5150 resulted in a reduction in downtime of 52% and a reduction in material cost of 35%. The total savings by using the Ultra Purge for this specific color change is $243.90. The blow molder is now using the Ultra Purge for all dark to light color changes and for machine shutdowns/start ups.

Color change & Material Change: Units HDPE Ultra Purge 5150
Total Purging Material Cost usd 252.00 164.35
Time required for purging min 240 115
Down-Time/Lost,Production Hourly Cost usd/hr 75 75
Total Down-Time Cost usd 300.00 143.75
Total Cost per Purging usd 552 308
Total amount in USD saved per color change using Ultra Purge usd 243.90
Reduction Purging Material - 35%
Reduction in Down Time - 52%