Purging Compounds for Automotive

The most common Ultra Purge™ grades used in the automotive industry are Ultra Purge™ PO, Ultra Purge™ 5150 and Ultra Purge™ 5160. Ultra Purge™ PC and Ultra Purge™ PMMA are also highly useful grades for automotive headlight and taillight producers. Ultra Purge™ PO is very efficient in cleaning the screws, barrels and hot runners during color changes with PP. By using Ultra Purge™ PO for this application, customers experience up to a 50% reduction in scrap and up to an 80% reduction in down time. Ultra Purge™ PC and Ultra Purge™ PMMA are designed to specifically clean PC and PMMA as well as PC/ABS. These grades are normally used for removal of carbon contaminations when producing clear parts such as light lenses as well as with material changes. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation on any issues you are facing. Contact us today to receive a free sample.