Purging Compounds for PET Preform Production

Ultra Purge™ PET-E is formulated to specifically clean injection molding machines that produce PET preforms. An innovative component allows Ultra Purge™ PET-E to be efficient during color changes and during the removal of black specks. The two problems are often related to each other and can be easily solved by using Ultra Purge™ during every color change and as part of a preventive maintenance program with a prescheduled frequency. Using Ultra Purge™ typically reduces production scrap by up to 60% and down time by as much as 70%. Ultra Purge™ PET-E can also be used to safely clean most hot runners. We highly recommend following our procedures and to contact us prior to the first usage of Ultra Purge™ to achieve optimal results for this application. Please contact us for a free sample along with consultation and technical support.