About Ultra Purge™

Ultra Purge™ brand products are highly efficient purging compounds developed to match with the materials, machines and operating ranges of plastics processors producing a wide range of end products. In partnership with major plastic resin, colorant, and machinery producers around the world, we continually evolve our products to create the most effective purging compounds available to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Ultra Purge™ is part of Chem-Trend, a leading global developer, producer and marketer of high performance chemical specialties such as purging compounds, release agents and mold maintenance products for use in multiple industrial applications. Chem-Trend has a well-respected reputation for building close and lasting relationships with its customers. These relationships are built through the many hours we spend on the production floors of our customers, learning about their processes and production challenges so that we can develop and produce solutions that provide them with meaningful value. 

We specialize in developing highly effective purging compounds for these industries: