Ultra Purge Purging Compound Overview

Purging between molds and/or material changes is time consuming and costly for molders. Yet, it’s a necessary evil. Necessary because molds and molding systems must be “purged” of residue materials, colorants and other contaminants when changing molds, materials or colors. Evil because with the mechanical methods of purging, many times the abrasiveness used in the purging compounds cause surface wear on the mold, and problems with the parts subsequently being molded.

Ultra Purge from Moulds Plus International USA Inc. is designed to help solve all the problems associated with mold material and color changes. The formulation of Ultra Purge differs from conventional purging compounds in that rather than being a mechanical cleaner, Ultra Purge is a 100% chemical cleaning compound that behaves like plastic. Because Ultra Purge is a chemical compound, it is able to clean the machine more efficiently since it reacts with the resin and the pigment, and removes residue faster with less purging material required.

Ultra Purge is designed for use with hot runner systems. Rather than simply running purging compound through the barrel/screw, Ultra Purge can be molded into the parts, thus reducing waste and machine downtime. Purging stack molds is also a challenge that Ultra Purge tackles with its 100% moldable formula.

Working with the largest producer of thin wall containers in the US, Moulds Plus International developed a BP formula for thin-wall container stack mold applications. The BP grade of Ultra Purge is concentrated so that when the customer mixes it with their own production material; they achieve a complete cleaning of the system.

Ultra Purge makes mold changeovers, material changes and even color changes fast and easy. Additionally, Ultra Purge carries a food-content certification from the FDA, as well as from the equivalent European group that is stricter than the FDA, so it is completely safe for use with food and drink containers.

Ultra Purge is also widely used by the automotive industry. With this application, Ultra Purge helps customers to change color on the fly without stopping the machine. By doing so, customers can also get more money for the scrap they generate since they will collect molded parts instead of purging piles.

Ultra Purge has also a specific formulation for PET application. This grade offers deep purging of the machine. Most of the biggest producers of PET preforms in the world are already using Ultra Purge PET-E grade.

Because of Ultra Purge’s unique formula and capabilities, Moulds Plus International offers training to production people to make sure the Ultra Purge is used at its fullest potential. Moulds Plus offers training on-site at the molder’s facility, through web training, or a DVD training program.

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