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An injection molder in the Midwest recently approached Moulds Plus International for assistance with their black to natural PE color changes. The molder was having issues cleaning the black out the... Read more
Moulds Plus International USA, Inc. introduces its new Ultra-X proprietary technology. Ultra Purge 5150 compound is an improved version of Ultra Purge 5050. The new compound is 30% more efficient... Read more
Processing Polycarbonate (PC) many times can be a difficult task for plastic processors. PC has a tendency to degrade and result in black specks (carbon) contaminating parts. Recently a company in... Read more
Purging a single stage injection blow PET machine can be tricky because molding parts out of the purge is required. The Ultra Purge PET-E when mixed with wet PET is the perfect solution for molding... Read more
Color changes and carbon contamination result in excessive scrap and downtime for many companies producing industrial packaging. A large injection molder producing buckets recently approached Moulds... Read more
Injection molders many times do not realize how much color contamination is built up in the hot runner system. Companies that do not use Ultra Purge will often find that the when purging the hot... Read more

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