How to Achieve Effective Color Changes with Purging Compounds

Presented by Martin Baumann of Husky Injection Molding Systems, this webinar reviews the basics of colorants and color change, the root causes of lengthy color changes, as well as the hardware and processing strategies used to improve color change. The discussion is supported with actual case studies of color change improvements (recorded December 3, 2009). Rising costs are a serious concern for manufacturers in the plastics industry. As molders strive to become more competitive, all aspects of the injection molding process must be examined for cost containment opportunities. An area that is often overlooked is the color change process. Improving the color change process can help injection molders reduce their resin costs and improve part quality, thereby improving their competitiveness. Color change could be affected by many factors. Some of these factors include molding equipment selection, its configuration and integration, the understanding of resin and colorant behaviors, production planning (colors) and the color change procedure.

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